TSSW Intranet

Terms and Conditions of use

The purpose of this document is to explain the terms use for this Intranet by members of Trading Standards South West (TSSW) , South West Regulators and BBFA members.

Purpose and Scope

This Intranet site has been provided to aid with regional co-ordination and communication across the region. All users are from local authorities or partner agencies that we work with.

Access to the platform is group specific. All TSSW members will be given access to the TSSW members area, all SW Regulators members will be added the that group area, but will only be able to access the TSSW area upon request. Access to specialist and task and finish groups is upon allocation to that group by a HoS or a specific request to the regional office.

Functions such as Training, Useful websites and Competency will be accessible to all groups.

Protecting the Integrity of the Intranet

As a user of the site, you are making a commitment to:

  • Ensure that login information remains confidential – each user has their own account, which is linked to a personalised homepage, event booking system and competence platform. To ensure the integrity and security of the Intranet, user accounts / passwords must not be shared.
  • Documents or procedures listed on group areas are confidential to that group and can only be shared outside of the group with permission of the chair of the group or TSSW.
  • Notify TSSW of any issues you may identify.

Data retention and audit

The Intranet is subject to an annual review by TSSW. Documents that become superseded will be moved to the Archive rather than deleted, such that a historic record can be maintained, yet current information will always sit within the relevant group section / folders.

Differences in Access / roles

Chairs of TSSW groups, SW Regulators and BBFA groups have manager access to the Intranet and can create new folders, add resources and start a new document collaboration.

TSSW regional office have administrator access and can amend the site content when required.

All other users have basic access, which allows the user to engage in forums and document collaborations, add materials to folders, book onto training courses, add personal calendar events, use the competence area and access useful websites.

All users are required to sit a simple training course to fully familiarise themselves with the site and its functions.

Breach of use

If you breach the terms of use, TSSW reserves the right to suspend your access to the site with immediate effect.

Many of the items of best practice shared via the site are subject to copyright and this should be born in mind if you are planning to use the materials within your organisation. We would request if you aim to use the materials, you seek approval to use from the originator of the document.

All communications regarding the use of the Intranet should be sent to the regional office by e-mailing Michael: Michael.davison@tssw.org.uk
Or by calling
Phone: 01726 218768